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Yoga Teacher Training In Yamunanagar

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Yamunanagar, a place surrounded by nature situated in the seabed of Yamuna river (sister of Ganges river ) in india.

Training programs in Yamunanagar is the holistic approach that makes the whole training program comprehensive and purposeful in nature. The students would understand the inner essence of yoga and could successfully stand up to the challenges that would come their way.

YTTC IN YAMUNANAGAR covers all the aspects of the yogic lifestyle. Our Yoga school offers a number of teacher training programs which are suitable for beginners to more advanced levels . Begin your journey to becoming a certified Yoga teacher by Yoga Alliance certification.

Attractions in Yamunanagar

~The Chaneti Buddhist Stupa is a 3rd century BC monument protected by the Government of India. The stupa has been referred to by traveller Hiuen Tsang.

~Kalesar National Park is named after the Kalesar (shiva) temple located in protected area. The whole area is full of bio-diversity having dense Sal forests, Khair forests and patches of grass lands, which support an amazing variety of plants and animal species. Kalesar National Park has got lot of significance in terms of bio-diversity and ecological stability in this part of the country.

~Kurukshetra is a site where, according to the "Mahabharata," the sacred "Bhagavad Gita" scripture was first delivered.

~Adibadari : It is located on the foothills of the Shivaliks. It is a picturesque location, abundant with natural beauty and tranquility. Adibadri Narayana, Shri Kedar Nath and Mantra Devi Temples are located here.

These are some of the places that act as jewels on the crown of Yoga teacher training in Yamunanagar.

These places are pure and peaceful but aren’t the only places which shines out in this city. Yamunanagar is full of unexplored natural habitats founded only by the serendipitous people.

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