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Q.1 Where is Parma Yoga Institute Situated?

Parma Yoga Institute is a non-profit organisation registered with Govt. of India . Parma Yoga Institute is in Yamuna nagar, which is perfect to learn and practice yoga as it is by the foot hills of Himalayas on all sides, full with lush green trees. The holy river Yamuna flows through, providing a calm and peaceful effect on one's mind, body, and soul. There is local auto rickshaw, which takes few hundred rupees to take you to the city market tour also.

Q.2 How much does tuition fee cost and what does it include?

Course Fee:

* 200 Hour Course: $1350 with double Sharing Accommodation / $1500 with Private Accommodation.

* 300 Hour Course: $1650 with double Sharing Accommodation / $1850 with Private Accommodation.

* 500 Hour Course: $3000 with double sharing Accommodation / $3300 with Private Accommodation.

What Is Included In The Fee:

1. Yoga course fee.

2. Private/shared accommodation.

3. Yoga alliance Registered school certificate.

4. Three meals with tea.

5. Herbal Tea - 24 x 7

6. 2 Out Tour - Sightseeing.

7. Transportation form Accommodation to Institute & vice versa.

8. 1 Institute T-Shirt. / 2 T-shirt for 500-Hours.

9. 1 Bag with Study material.

10. Free Wi-Fi / Internet.

Q.3How experienced in yoga do I need to be?

200 Hours: You only need to have basic knowledge of yoga and what it is all about. 200 Hour yoga is for beginners so no need to worry if you have no experience.

300 Hours: Yes, you should complete 200 hour course before 300 hours yoga course.

Q.4 Do I need to study anything beforehand?

Yes, sure. You can read about the basic poses of yoga and meditation. This will help you during the course, but there’s no such compulsion.

You can also read the following books:

1. Light on Yoga

2. Yoga Sutra

3. Srimad Bhagavad Gita

4. Yoga Anatomy and many more books like such.

Q.5 What exams do I need to pass in order to graduate?

You need to Pass your Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga Practical Exam and a 30 Question Open book Exam.

Q.6 Do I get a private room and shower?

Yes you will get a private room and attached bathroom that comes equipped with shower and a geyser.

Q.7 Can I stay if I arrive a few nights early?

Yes, you can stay a few nights before commencing your course, But you will have to pay the amount for those extra days of stay.

Q.8 How fast is your internet?

Our internet is fast enough for surfing and studying online.

Q.9 Can I share a room with a friend or any significant person? Yes, We provide the facility for you to opt for single or shared accommodation.
Q.10 Do you have laundry facilities?

Yes we do provide a laundry facility. But if you want, you can also wash your own clothes as we have a washing machine too.

Q.11 A/C Rooms and Heater ?

If you want A/C Room there is an extra cost 100 USD per month, In winter Heater Charges 100 USD per month.

Q.12 What type of Visa is required?

*Type of Visa Needed - Indian Tourist Visa

Please apply for a Tourist Visa only! The purpose of your visit to India should be travel (yoga and meditation, retreats in India). Tourist Visa is easier to get, and is of longer duration.

Q.13 Do I need an Invitation Letter?

You don’t need an invitation letter to apply for a tourist visa. While filling your visa application form, do not mention that you will be joining a yoga course or yoga retreat program, to avoid any complications. Registering for our yoga course will not help you to get a study or yoga visa.

If you are asked for an application, then we will provide you with an application.

Q.14 Is Yamuna Nagar safe?

Yes, absolutely. Yamuna Nagr is a Holy city, and most of the people are friendly and helpful.

Q.15 Is the drinking water clean in India?

Yes it is safe to drink water in India. But you can also buy bottled/Bisleri water for your personal hygiene. When you reach Parma Yoga Institute you can fill your bottle with purified water available in the kitchen.

Q.16 Which vaccines should I get?

You need to be fully vaccinated but there is no any type of compulsions on the type of vaccine you get while traveling to India. But you can consult your doctor to clarify.

Q.17 Should I bring any medicines?

If you are suffering from any kind of ailment or disease then you can bring your own medicines, prescribed by your family doctor.

Q.18 Is your course certified to Yoga Alliance?

Yes, our entire course is certified and affiliated with Yoga Alliance USA .

Q.19 How do I register as a yoga teacher once I have graduated?

Once you have completed yoga teacher training course, you will be provided a certificate affiliated to Yoga Alliance USA. You can visit: Official website of Yoga Alliance and get yourself registered with them as certified yoga teacher. After that, you will be able to teach yoga in any part of the world.

Q.20 Which airport should I fly to?

You can take a flight to IGI Airport New Delhi.

Q.21 Do you provide transportation to/from airport?

Yes we can provide pickup/taxi service but additional charges will be applicable.

Q.22 How do I get to Yamuna Nagar? Pick Up Service By Parma Yoga Institute:

Pickup service from Delhi to Parma Yoga Institute in Yamuna Nagar. * 1. Transportation Charges: 80 US$ for single

^Taxi - If you haven't booked pickup service with us then you can also hire taxi from outside the airport.

Q.23 When should I book my arrival flight?

You can book your flight according to your convenience, but ensure that you should reach India a day in advance of the beginning of your course.

Q.24 When should I book my departure flight?

You can book your flight according to your convenience. You are free to leave the school a day after your course is completed.

Q.25 What if I need to switch my course date?

You can switch your course dates at least 1 week before the date booked by you so that the seat can be allotted to someone else. The course can be done within 1 year time from the date of your first booking. You’ll have to inform the institute beforehand.

Q.26 What should I pack?

If you are coming in summers then bring some light cotton clothes. If your course is scheduled for winters, bring warm clothes such as sweater and woollen wear with you.

Q.27 How much money should I bring?

You can bring money according to the course fee, your travel expenses and some extra money in case of emergency.

Q.28 How many students are enrolled in each batch of yoga teacher training programs?

Our monthly intake of admissions is maximum 20 students.

Q.29 Wha do i receive after completion of YTTC?

Upon successful completion of chosen (200/300/500-Hour) YTTC, you will be awarded with a US Yoga Alliance certificate from Parma Yoga Institute

Q.30 Do i need to bring any yoga accessories?

No, we provide all the yoga accessories which are required during your training program, but you can bring your own yoga mat according to your will and comfort.

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