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If you are looking for authentic and life-changing Yoga teacher training in India, then Parma yoga institute is renowned for providing Best yoga teacher course in India provides certified courses by Yoga Alliance USA 200 hours, 300 hours, 500 hours.
The certified yoga course in "yoga capital of the world," India ( Yamuna Nagar [nearby Rishikesh]) was founded with the firm conviction to deliver the traditional experience of learning yoga. You can join us under 100 hours , 200 hours YTTC, 300 hours YTTC, or 500 hours yoga teacher training courses, and these programs will help you embark on the transformational journey that enlightens your wisdom.

The sacred wisdom of yoga practice has always been a blessing to Indian civilization. With lots of interactive sessions, our Yoga training course methodology engages students and makes yoga practice relatable. Yoga is the conscious development of the mind via the use of asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation, mudras, and other techniques. These are all necessary ingredients for achieving bliss, which can be attained through comprehending the ideas of self-practice and body-mind awareness

100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Program

Our 100 hour Yoga teacher training in Yamunanagar is specialized to perform a unique blend of Yoga through a virtual and combined approach. This Yoga teacher course is included to expand the knowledge of Yoga. It is recommended for those yoga learners who want to Deepen their understanding and designed for those who want to learn for 100 hours. This way, you can get convenience to get a structural approach to explore Yoga in 100 hours that is best for beginners and intermediate-level learners. This approaches basically for learners who do not want to complete the 200 hours at one time and thus get an option to complete 200 hours in the first and second semesters.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Our 200 hours YTTC yoga teacher training program is for beginners in India to expand the different aspects of Hatha yoga, asanas, kriyas,mudras, meditation, anatomy, yogic philosophy,teaching technique & skills etc. The 200 hours Yoga alliance and certification

helps you by offering a new mental and spiritual approach to knowing your true self and becoming a qualified yoga teacher. Yoga centers in India conduct their classes in a pious environment with a Holistic experience for the learners who want to explore the 200 hours of multi-style teacher training programs to learn many new things during the course. The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training gives you a deep study of moments, yoga postures, anatomy, and the critical systems of the body functions. You can safely apply the practices to work on various body parts and gain new knowledge by mastering the asanas.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Our 300 yoga teacher training course is for intermidiate in India, Yamuna Nagar(nearby Rishikesh)is the most advanced course with modules for customizing the advanced studies in learning Multi styles yoga. This way, you can grow your knowledge towards learning Yoga by your preferred timing and sessions. This makes the 300 hours of teacher training yoga sessions combined in a hybrid approach to immerse in the teachings of profoundly understanding the antique yogic wisdom tools and techniques. Ayurveda and Yoga retreat in India are practiced for you to support your yoga practice journey.

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Our 500 hours yoga teacher training program in India, Yamuna Nagar(nearby Rishikesh)combines 200 and 300 hours. Thus well combining the actual modules with the concept of formally learning and practicing Yoga in the most designated way. By practicing the 200 over yoga session, you will lay the foundation of Yoga, and practicing The 300 over course helps construct a beautiful structure with the inspiring teachers for more understanding. So after completing 500 hours, you will teach not only the beginners and intermediate but also the advanced students with much clarity and confidence.

Yoga Therapy Training

By focusing on learning the techniques of Yoga, you can get more specific yoga knowledge that helps the person reduce the symptoms they might be dealing with. Yoga therapy training will allow private practice providing one-to-one sessions to gain more flexibility for scheduling and expanding professionally. Best yoga school offers the opportunities to gain skill level and experience through specific regions of breathing exercises, posters, and relaxation techniques. To enter into the yoga therapy training program, you will have at least 200 hours of yoga teacher training practice and one year of teaching experience.

Prenatal Yoga

Due to all the physical changes that might impair sleep, rest, and all the preparation for the impending birth of the baby, pregnancy can be a highly stressful time. The benefits of yoga for expectant mothers' sleep and emotions of tranquillityare very significant. The woman will improve her body's flexibility, relieve tension, and modify everyday actions like breathing and lying down swiftly again through asana practise, breathing exercises, and meditation. After birth, yoga is also highly advised as a way for the mother to reestablish her connection to her body.

This yoga pregnancy course will cover post-partum and pre-prenatal yoga as well as all the distinct stages of pregnancy and their unique characteristics each trimester (how a woman can prepare her body to get pregnant). The student will also take sessions in philosophy, meditation, pranayama (breathing methods), and basic asana practise in addition to classes that are solely dedicated to yoga for pregnancy. Online yoga classes are also available for mothers or would-be mother.


The Institute provides residential accommodation to its students. They can choose a single room or shared room according to their requirements. The rooms are kept clean and hygienic. Clean bedsheets, pillow-covers, and pillows are provided to make students feel comfortable and relaxed. The rooms are airy and well-lit.

Food / Meals at Parma Yoga Institute:

Ayurvedic food is provided thrice a day at Parma Yoga Institute. The food served is completely vegetarian Indian food, full of healing properties. The food is easy to digest and helps in maintaining good health while providing complete nutrition ,improving stamina and immunity. The Ayurvedic food also helps recover from various pains and injuries. Indian herbal spices such as turmeric powder, coriander, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger are used to cook food as these have medicinal properties which help in recovering from ailments and provide anti-bodies to fight diseases.

Note: We do not provide eggs or non-vegetarian meals. We serve three meals i.e. breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as tea.

Food during Yoga Teacher Training Course:

* TEA - Milk tea/Herbal tea/Ayurvedic tea.

* BREAKFAST - It includes one solid item and some fruit salad or fruit juice or shake.

* LUNCH - It includes pulses, vegetables, rice, chapatti and salad. The food is completely traditional Indian food.

* DINNER- It is same as lunch except the fact that efforts are made to make dinner lighter than that given in lunch, as this helps in digestion.

Time & Schedule

The Course will be held from Monday- Saturday

Course timing: 6.30 am to 9 pm which will be held including Lunch time and leisure time throughout the day.

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